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EA Exchange Members -

If you haven't already, meet your designated Elite Alliance Exchange Coordinator!

Your Exchange Coordinator is a great resource to help navigate through your membership account, answer any questions on specific properties and locations, or assist in making future vacation requests.

Also, by completing your Travel Preferences, your Exchange Coordinator will be able to see what types of vacations best fit your lifestyle.

We understand work priorities and other life factors can get in the way of planning your future vacation. You can schedule a time with your Exchange Coordinator when it is most convenient for you! You can also find her contact information listed within your Membership Account under Account Information. Or, simply hover over your photo icon on the upper right corner within your membership account and her contact information will be listed below.

As always, if your designated Exchange Coordinator is unavailable, please do not hesitate to contact us at 866.407.5218 or Our talented team of Exchange Coordinators are here to help create unforgettable memories for you and your family!

Escape with us!

The Elite Alliance Team

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