Immerse Yourself In Italy This Fall!

Reserve Two Unique Vacation Experiences in Italy

"Italy is my home away from home," said Teresa Sadowski, Exchange Coordinator. Teresa recently traveled to Italy, an adventure she has embarked on every summer since she was two years old, and was excited to share her experience after missing last year's vacation due to Covid-19.

"I love exploring the town, getting lost and strolling through small alleys and streets that look adventurous. I always stumble upon a cute boutique or great street food vendor. It's the best feeling to walk the streets of Italy with a gelato in hand, music in the air, and no place to be."

Like many who had to reschedule their trips abroad last year, Teresa was both excited and scared to travel internationally this past August 2021, but she was happy to report Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the way people see the world and how to explore it in a positive way!

"Siena and Cortona are two of my favorite Elite Alliance destinations," said Teresa. Equity Residences Platinum Fund Siena Penthouse in the bustling city of Siena located roughly an hour and fifteen minutes from Florence, and Club Borgo di Vagli located in the quaint town of Cortona, are about an hour away from each other. The quick travel time between the two properties make great destinations to reserve consecutive weeks and experience two distinctive Italian vacations.

Club Borgo di Vagli resides among beautiful olive groves and offers the traditional Italian experience. A quiet hamlet focused on family and enjoying the abundance of the land that surrounds it. Enveloped in the rolling hills of Tuscany, allowing for a calming "dolce far niente" experience; the sweetness of doing nothing. Nowhere in the world would you feel this more than when you are in Italy. Sleep in, have wine with lunch, leave the dishes in the sink, enjoy the people around you, and marvel at how beautiful life really is.

Siena on the other hand is in the heart of the city just a few steps away from the Duomo. Here, you can see the sights of the city and be a part of the daily hustle. Unplug and enjoy the moment of every sup of an Aperol Spritz and every bite of pizza. Walk to nearby buildings and churches where Lorenzetti, Bernini, and Donatello left their masterpieces. The charming appeal of this town is sure to enchant, leaving you wanting to explore more.

Reserve your Italian getaway at one or both locations!


Read below for Teresa's latest travel experience to Italy:


- Airport Travel -

"I was surprised and relieved to see that everyone in the airport and during all my flights were masked. Social distancing was encouraged, and I felt that people were really trying to give each other space. All cultures and walks of life were aware of the risks of Covid-19 and did their best to protect themselves and others."

- Safety Measures -

"Once I arrived in Italy, everything seemed exactly as we are practicing in the US, except masks are required whether you are vaccinated or not when entering restaurants and stores. If you are outside, you don't have to wear one, but I noticed many kept it on regardless. Nothing is closed or restricted."

Weather -

"The weather was incredible and will stay that way until the end of October. Italy's fall feels like our end of summer. A bit cooler in the early morning and at night, and warm and sunny during the day. I packed a light sweater for nighttime and for seeing the sights early morning. Layers are always a good choice!"

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